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Assignment 2W

Questions for What the “Right to be Forgotten” Means for Privacy in a Digital Age?
  1. Which privacy policy do you believe works best, Europe’s or America’s? Or neither?
  2. Should corporations be involved in the regulation process?
  3. Do you believe that in this digital age there is a way to keep, if not all, most of our information private?
Questions for Learning From Gawker’s Attempt to Erase the Past
  1. Should executives or journalists have the final say on whether an article should be removed?
  2. According to the article, less than half of newsrooms have a policy for unpublishing articles, why do you think that is?
  3. Are there any news sources or journalists that you trust? That you don’t trust?

Assignment 2W

Questions: What the “right to be forgotten” means for privacy in a digital age

1. If someone has a past criminal record link on Google can they ask that link to be dropped, depending on the crime?

2. If European digital privacy transferred into the U.S as a similar form, would the internet have more boundaries?

3. How long would the process of taking down links for rights to privacy in the U.S take?

Questions: Learning from Gawker’s Attempt to Erase the Past

1. Should Journalists make conscious decisions of whether or not their articles are worth publishing, before doing so in order to eliminate conflict with readers?

2. If more articles like Gawkers for example were taken down, would the world be losing valuable information?

3. If Journalists do not inform readers before taking down an article, how would they possibly react?

Assignment 2W

Questions for “Learning from Gawker’s Attempt to Erase the Past”

  1. Have you ever seriously considered what kinds of articles journalists have the right to publish? If so, give an example.  If not, why?
  2. What do you think the consequences of not following journalism ethics could mean for a news entity?
  3. Do you think Gawker did the correct thing in removing the article and why?

Questions for “What the “right to be forgotten” means in the digital age”

  1. Do you think the “right to be forgotten” is a good measure in ensuring privacy of peoples information?
  2. How do you think the “right to be forgotten’ effects companies free speech?
  3. Do you think the U.S. will eventually adopt this method?