Blog #17 Final Logo For WAC Program

Logo Drafts
Logo Drafts

After the last conversation with Osha, I was informed that they didn’t want the logo to be very related to city tech, so we decided to continue the logo with a completely different style from our school logo but keeping the “City Tech” in the logo to indicate it is WAC at City Tech. From the feedback they provided, I know they like the pencil idea, so I created some variation from the pencil idea. I also started to add color. I mainly used the CityTech color to keep the connection between WAC and our school. After I created these variations, I also tested them in different scales to make sure of the legibility. I showed all the variation to the design team, everyone was happy about the logos. We also discussed the color of the logo, because if we have a complex background, it would be better to have a white color logo. 

Final Logo

At the end, Professor Bannett and Professor ElHitti  chose this logo as their final selection. I will send them all the logo files by the end of November. Because this is the first time I made a logo for a real client, I also asked my mentors Aracely and Savonne about the file format to make sure I send the logo in the correct way. Savonne told me it is better to send them both PNG and EPS files and explain to them that the EPS files are for the future designer.

What I learned this week:

After this project, I learned that it is important to communicate with both clients and team members. My team members can always find out some details that I should fix because they have fresh eyes to look at my work and they are all experienced designers. Throughout the project, I made sure that I understood my client’s needs through email and zoom meetings. I also learned that asking questions is essential in the design process. I always write down questions before meeting with clients. Sometimes clients don’t know what they want, but we can figure out what they want through asking different questions. 

It was nice to work with the WAC Program, everyone was nice to me and willing to provide me information. I appreciate that they gave me a flexible schedule because they also want me to work on my class projects. Working at Faculty Commons as a designer is also a great opportunity for me. I was really afraid that I couldn’t fit in because of language issues, but everyone in the department was friendly and every time I asked questions they were patient. One major difference between class and work at Faculty Commons is everyone in the department gave useful feedback to me. In class, we are always afraid to hurt our classmates’ feelings, but in Faculty Commons, we want to make sure the product is successful.

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