For this midterm assignment, I had joined the networking event on Cooper Hewitt for “Design Talk: Designing New Rules of the Road.” This event is about solving problems to increase the drive mobility, promising safer, more efficient, connected transportation for the cities. The idea of mobility driving, design new roles, and rules for city mobility. In this design talk, Cooper Hewitt invites four penalties to discuss and solve problems; there are Ben Ebel, a Chairman and Michelin Challenge Design program; Jacqueline S. Gillan, president emeritus and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety; Mike Milley, director, Foresight & Strategy, BMW Group Designworks; Joan Claybrook, former president, Public Citizen.

I chose this event because I’m increasing on the future mobility transition will be. Also, in today’s society, too many cars on the road to create everyday traffic and car accidents, this is a serious problem for us to solve. How to limit the drive vehicles, traffic on the road, no space for parking, and etc. My parents always want me to take the drivers’ license test, but I’m too scared to drive because of the road situation we have right now. So when I saw this event, I felt is a great event for me to learn more about driving and design for the future. In this event, they show the example and concept ideas on how student design for road mobility. It’s a very cool and helpful event for design in futurism and creative concepts.

In this experience, I didn’t take any images because I was being attracted to the designs for the street futurism. The event was on the ground floor and they provide you a free ticket to see the exhibition about the design for future mobility. The exhibition for the event is very cool and futurism. Their concept for future mobility is automatic and sky road-line, and flying vehicles. These are incredibly impressive ideas for future street mobility. In the design talk, I had learned about to solve the problem for street mobility is not easy. It involves a different aspect of this project. For instance, the money for a new road, the uninventive automatic car and the safety of a city street safety. According to the design talk, I had learned to invent something new and advanced is not easy, it’s not just the final product come out; it relates to money, rules, and laws.

This event is a design talk on future mobility. There’s a lady sit next to me and we had a nice conversation. She is from Australia and this is her business trip to New York City. We both very new to the design in the exhibition because we’re both typography lovers. However, we all agreed on the future mobility idea because we think is very cool and futurist. She owns the studio The Blank Paper. The studio or workshop is about typography, brush lettering, watercolor brush lettering, and etc. She had asked me why I come to this event. I said I thought I can see some very good typography design or graphic design work, and meet some awesome people in the graphics industry. And she heard me talk about typography, she asked my major and do you love typography. Furthermore, we continued the conversations with typography and I had so my portfolio Instagram to her. It’s a nice conversation with her, we both loved the same thing and we had a good meet time. She is the only person I had talked to in the event because we had so much conversation on design and typography, we are like talking non-stop. She has given me her business card and asks me to visit her workshop to see how she is doing the thing. I had followed her on Instagram and saw her work is elegant, nice, and have her own style.

The first part of the event is the four penalties were talking about road mobility, and the second part is Q&A people have chances to ask the penalty question. The event for the design talk is so boring for me because is all about the federal problem, driver safety, and tax money to build the new road. The great part for this networking is I saw so many incredible street futurism design and meet a creative director who has the same interest as me. Networking is necessary and important because you get to go out of the world and meet people that will help in your future career.