Assignment #8

In today’s class, we had watched two TED talks from Stefan Sagmeister and Elizabeth Gilbert. Two different industries people giving there thought and perspective on their position. Stefan Sagmeister’s topic is “ 7 rules make more happiness” and Elizabeth Gilbert’s topic is “ Your elusive creative genius.”

In Stefan Sagmeister’s TED talk, he has shared the rule of how he maintains happiness in his work and how to be happy in your job. He has list 7 rules to make yourself be more happy with your work. For example, “Do more something that I like to do, do less something that I dislike to do.” I think this is very true in common, but as you work in the industry you don’t have a choice to do the thing you like or dislike. For instance, you work for an agency and they want you to do illegal drugs advertising and you don’t like this topic, but you have to do your work. To do something that you like is will may you feel happy, but you work for someone and you need to do everything your boss or client asks you to do. Basically, you don’t have a choice to do the project you like or dislike. Additionally, one thing Stefan Sagmeister said, “do not strike into the computer screen or tool.” Before doing any project, the professor always encouraged us started with scratch, get done the ideas and overall image first and then go to the computer to start to put the thing together and precise the design.

In my understanding of Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk is people afraid to their work and their career, they afraid they don’t have the genius to do the work; and Elizabeth Gilbert said, “Don’t be afraid, just do your job and show off…creative have no solution, no answers.” In my point of view, she tries to deliver the idea to people be confident to themselves in work and in career, it’s nothing be shamed about it, you did the best you can. For instance, after her famous book come out, everyone were judge her previous work and have a very high hope for her next book. Elizabeth Gilbert was very confident and said, “The greatest work is in the future.” I think we all need is confident. Confident to yourself and your work.