Assignment #4

In today’s class, we had watched the film “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” directed by Morgan Spurlock. This documentary film is about product placement, marketing, and advertising. After I watched the film, I had a better understanding of the corporation, brand personality, faction, self-promotion, and personality identity. These terminologies are important to help us build up our own brand. Corporation means a big company, to a group of companies acting together as a single organization. Brand personality is brand identity. Faction is a small organized dissenting group within a larger one. Self-promotion is promoting yourself, selling your strong suit. Personality identity is to identify yourself, and what your brain is thinking about.

In the film, Morgan identified himself is humor and insight. I’m not sure what is my brand personality because sometimes my personality can have a big difference in a different situation, and I feel myself is not stabilizing enough to define my brand personality. The main concept that Morgan Spurlock is trying to deliver in this film is—if you want to do it and just do it, accept rejections and keep going. In the film, the most impressive is how he got so many rejections and he was still fine, and keep calling the clients. Rejection is not scared if you can’t take rejection and that is terrible.

In my opinion, sell out means you promote the products to the client, you selling the ideas or concept to the client. And buy in means to me is corporation or partnership. In the film, Morgan was trying to sell his film to the client, he calls and presents the project to the client, the main point is to sell this idea of the concept. Nevertheless, POM buy in his concept and want to collaborate with him, and the main point is the film must have the POM drink and the name before have had a sponsor by POM. Sell out and buy-in is like business terms, and they mostly appear in a collaboration.

The one sentence that impresses me the most is, “You can’t be credible, at least you be visible.”  Visible is important in your working industry. You need to be visible and people will pay attention to you, and this will help you in your field. Only visible enough and can be credible by the customer or client.

Lastly, “Shameless self-promotion” is doing the thing that out expect from the client. For example, Morgan did the last presentation for POM, the presentation had some unexpected image and ideas come out Morgan’s presentation. Shameless self-promotion is just going for it, no matter what ideas you have and how stupid they are, just go for it because that is you.