Assignment #6

In today’s class, we had discussed the trends in the graphic design industry and how these trends influence us in the design theory. Some famous graphic designer has a big influence on the graphic design industry, people follow their styles. For example, Stefan Sagmeister, Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, David Carson, Paul Scher; these well-known and big influence on the design industry designer.

The TED talk by Stefan Sagmeister, “Happiness by design.” In my understanding of this TED talk is design can be informal and funny, to make people think and laugh. For instance, the caution note design in the subway design is too formal and boring, people usually annoy these design; but, the changes to other funny illustration and bring people’s attention, and it makes people be not bored sitting in the subway. Design need creative, think out of the frame.

Speaking about graphic design trend, I will first think about Paula Scher’s design works. Her designs are funky, diagonal, and extremely dramatic; and these elements are considered to the Russian Constructivism design. The most well known of her works, it is the Public Theater posters design. The design style very Russian Constructivism. For example, all caps, diagonal style grid, angled type and images. These are the Russian constructivism styles. Last semester, I had taken the History of Graphic Design course and remember the Russian constructivism style, this is the major trends in the graphic design industry, also the Bauhaus and De Stijl movement.

This graphic design movement has a big influence on today’s design industry. The design principles elements lead us to the same basis of design but in a different style. Paula Scher is the trend of the Russian Constructivism. Now many people are like to use diagonal grid layout for there design and the design page is dramatic. Also, people are like to make the images or type very big on the page to create an extremely dramatic feeling, this is the easy way to catch people’s attention.

The design trends show what happens in society and the lifestyle of society. Today, I feel like most of the design are a chase to be minimalist and clean design looking, the color is more in the cool tone colors. People think minimalist design feels high end and good looking. As a designer, we need to try everything and not just focus on one design trend.