Art and Copy

The Art and Copy film shows the advertising creative revolution in the 1960s, improved the advertising concepts and to makes advertising more excited and interesting, to create new visuals communication. There are the ad campaigns that mention in the film: “Just Do It”, “I Love New York”, “Where’s the Beef?”. “I Want My MTV”, “Got Milk?”,  and “Think Different”. These ad campaigns are so successful in marketing because they are not just selling the products, also, selling the big ideas behind the concept.

The artists and writers pursue the same goal; they want to create new visual communications based on the campaign and peel off the basics structure to create campaigns. “Advertising look for big ideas.” Advertising is selling the products, but also, the concept of that advertisement. For example, the most popular campaign “I Love NY”. It’s a powerful ad and with very minimum details to describe the outlooks. For the “I Love NY”, the first came out is the music and the music hit the society very well, and then the campaign appeared. This campaign is very strong and powerful because “Strong idea, simply present.” Sometimes, in the advertising campaigns, we don’t need to put too much stuff in the page, we can leave some question and this will create a connection to the audience, it will make them think and have a reaction.

In the film, it has talked about the creative brief from the client. But, mostly the art director is rejected the creative brief from the client because they think the creative brief from the client is too boring and not interesting at all; and if they follow the creative brief from the client the campaign is not going to be successful. The way to make the creative brief is, “Stop present you are an advertising agency and help the client forget there is a client.” Which to forget your position and stand in a different view to see this product and make it interesting and true. Sometimes turn to different angles will see different aspects from it.

The artists and writers in the film they are have awesome ideas and think big, and they created a successful marketing experience, done something nobody tries before. This helps the industry develop to a better way and found out more possibilities. As a designer, we need to discover our possibilities, to experiment. Advertisement for me is 60% of artistic expression and 40% of marketing experience. Maybe I’m studying about graphic design, and as a designer, we care about the aesthetics about the ad, every campaign for us is not just a campaign for selling this product or promote something, it’s an art for us. When the audience looks at the advertisement campaign, they were just thinking of this company selling something and ignore the aesthetics of the campaign or the design choices of the campaign.