Assignment #2

In today’s class, we talked about facing fears and what is your direction in your future career. The class started with the short film “Piper” to educated us do not afraid the fears, which the fears of criticism and rejection. In our life, we will have criticism and rejection, but do not let these knock you down. Facing them and be strong to handle these harsh problems. This is just the opening for the class, the main course discusses the specialist and generalist in the communication design field, and define your direction in the field.

We had talked about the Communication Design disciplines and showcases the positions in the communication design industry; also, we had discussed who are you, a generalist or a specialist. A generalist is you can almost do everything in the industry, and a specialist you have a highly skilled in a specific area of industry. I’m a generalist designer. I can do a logo, poster, layout, packaging, and etc. I think a generalist designer have more job opportunities and can explore more things. However, a specialist is difficult to become because you need to have an extremely high skill in a specific area. I like to challenge and try different things. According to the communication design disciplines, I interesting in generalist studio, advertising agency, corporate communication, and magazine design. Anything involves graphic design I would like to try out and learn more about. Nevertheless, the only thing is not speaking to me is filming making and animation design because I’m not interested in motion or video.

I had learned graphic design since 10th grade in high school, and I love it. In high school, I set my future career is to be a professional graphic designer, and now I keep studying graphic design. I had designed magazine covers, posters, logos, magazine layouts, websites, packaged goods, interactive book, and type book in the classes. The proudest of the workpiece is the translation of my initial design and you can see the growth thoughts these logo design.

Looking to my works, my strong suit layout thing nice and clean. Mostly, my designs are minimums but with little design details. I’m not a fan of too many elements or design details in the design piece because I believe over information will give people giddy feelings. When I was high school, I like to use display fonts and usually go to to look up display fonts; but, when I was college and had a lesson on the font styles, I like to the serif and san serif fonts, they are classic and readable.

Looking back to my works, I had felt a lot, and now I’m sure what I want to be in the design industry. As a junior college student, it’s very important to know what’s your direction in your future career. The design is to explore new things, and not cautious about the choices. To enhance my design skill, I need to go out of my comfort zone and meet with some new design senses.