Assignment #1

In the first class of Topic in Graphic Design we began with the TED talk “Doodlers, unite!” to warm up the class, and then we asked the question on working as a graphic designer, lastly we watch the TED talk on “Chip Kidd” and discussed clarity and mystery in design. The first class is based to introduce the course and have a better understanding of how graphic designer working in the field.

We had watched the “Doodlers, unite!” From Sunni Brown and she discussed what is doodling. Doodling was not accepted in the past and it’s a negative word. In the 17th century, a doodle was a simpleton or a fool; In the 18th century, it became a verb, and it means to defraud or deride; In the 19th century, it was a corrupt politician. In addition, in modern society doodler means to do nothing.  Doodler was not accepted, since Freud’s theory on study human mind. And the real definition for doodle is to make spontaneous marks to help yourself think. Doodling is helping you problem solving and stopping you lose focus. Doodling is a combination of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, reading and writing to intake information. Doodling enhances our creative thinking and problem-solving.

In the class, we had asked questions about working as a graphic designer. We had asked on how it feel get a rejection from a client, doesn’t have inspiration on the work, what lead to the student to professional, how to get an internship and etc. The most interesting question is about rejection, everyone has rejections happens in there life and we need to take it easy. Sometimes, the client gives you rejection is not your work is not good, it’s not what they want. Rejection is a harsh thing for everyone and we will have it, I think we should take it easy and don’t depend on that one rejection, and think of the compliment you have. In addition, as a second-year college student I really want to know how to improve your work to a professional level. To move to a professional level we need experiences and feedback. As a sophomore, I need to work on my resume, cover letter, and portfolio; in other to have an internship.

Lastly, we watched the TED talk from Chip Kidd. He discussed clarity and mystery in design. Clarity is clean and minimize, the mystery is unclear and too much information. Chip Kidd gives examples on the book cover he has designed and explain the ideas came from his daily lifestyle. Many of his designs inspiration come from his life. Sometimes, clarity is too dry and maybe you can add little details to create a mysterious feeling. It doesn’t need to be clarity or mystery, you can combine both into your work. The main point is to communicate and tell the ideas behind the work.

In today’s class, I realize how doodling is important for us, and have a better understanding of my career goal. After today’s class, I’m excited for the future class and ready to learn.