Journal 3

The WPC is a non-profit organization. They accept anyone to be volunteers, and the culture of the workplace is informal, though with a sense of purpose. Everyone seems very dedicated to their work and passionate about the work we do. I never hear anyone complaining about the work, because they know that the job they do is a necessary assistance for the community. The workers are happy in their jobs. The dress is informal as well, comfortable clothes. The office is located in an open space, with no partitions. A typical workstation is a desk with a computer. There are a few very large printing machines located toward the back of the office, where a wall of books is also located. A typical work day for a full-time employee like my supervisor is from around 9 am – 8 pm, when the center is open. The hours are not regular because the workers often travel within the city for the clients. One thing that surprised me is the lunch time. A local restaurant donates all the meals for the WPC. However, this is only done in bulk, on Saturdays. This means that a few people go to the restaurant with large containers on Saturdays and take a LOT of food that will last the office through most of the week. I was surprised by this because everyone shares everything, like a family. It makes sense because this is a non-profit organization, they do not have any large income, so they must cut their daily living costs wherever possible.


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