Journal 8

Working for a nonprofit organization showed me a side of a business that I had not experienced before. One thing I noticed is that the people working at the center are very dedicated to their clients and projects. They have a passion for what they do that I don’t think is as evident in a regular working environment where people are thinking more about making money than helping clients.  On the other hand, the clients can be a little pushy because we offered them a free service, we tend to get all sorts of clients. Perhaps people who can afford to pay a large fee to a design firm know that their designs will get revised. Our clients sometimes were too attached to their ideas and refused our revisions. Also, since the center was nonprofit, everyday costs had to be trimmed wherever possible. The workers and volunteers there never ordered lunch. Instead, a local restaurant donated leftovers that supplied the center for the whole week. I could not get used to eating the same thing for a week, so I always brought my own lunch or politely had a tiny bit of what everyone else had.

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