Journal 5

Recently at the internship, I was given two projects. One is designing a greeting card for WPC and the second is to design a book cover and postcard for a member at WPC.  The first greeting card project I am working with another intern at WPC, we both made sketches and ideas for the card. It’s an interesting little project but to get ideas down was really difficult because my supervisor was (not) very open to anything. She didn’t give a specific idea of what she wants or which dictation she’s thinking of, so we tried various sketches. The second project is to design book covers and a postcard. This is for one of the members at WPC. She wrote a book on her own, and my supervisor and I had a meeting with her and discussed what the book is about, target audience and what she wants from WPC.  My job is to revise her postcard, first book cover, and design for the second book cover. I love this project more because I actually meet with the client and work directly with the client.  It feels more likes the real life experience. But the difficulty of this project is to connect with the client because she had a postcard design already, which I felt was very disorganized, very ‘busy’. Busy, I mean that it has too much for the eyes. For example, front and back have two very different colors schemes, too much contrasting. Front side is earth tone and back is in pink and I don’t think the design works but she wanted that way so I can’t change the way that I think is good. The hardest part is to teach design to the client, for example when we doing the book cover she showed me the first book cover, she has an image in a rectangular shape and on the yellowish ground color background and back has another image and her self-portrait too. So I tried to tell her in design wisely, we try to avoid putting an image in the square shape. She asked me why I don’t know how to explain to her why and I know I can’t just say because it doesn’t look good. I am learning many strategies of working with clients, and know they are not as design conscious as I, so I must be patient. Occasionally.  Overall, it was a great experience to work with her.

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