Journal 7

The only major event that I attended through this internship was when my supervisor and I went into the city to get sponsors and donations. This surprised me a lot because, for the first time, I realized that my supervisor did not get any support from the government or receives any salary from the clients. I have a lot of respect for her and I guess I can consider her a role model, because of her dedication to the job and her passion for helping others. I found it difficult to be outside for long hours trying to solicit donations or volunteering from anyone who may be interested to help and to go ‘door to door’ and ask for donations. My supervisor, my mentor, feels passionate about her mission to provide this service to those who could not afford it or who need to learn more about design and media. I did not realize just how much she works at this, how many hours of her time is given to the assistance of others who need this service. I appreciate her much more and respect what she does even though I don’t see myself doing this kind of volunteer service.  It amazes me that someone like my supervisor is trying to unite the disadvantaged and giving them a voice and an opportunity to get their ideas brought to life.

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