Journal 6

One specific project that stands out for me is a book cover that I helped a customer design. This taught me how to deal with clients, especially those who have very strong opinions about how their work should look. I know it’s their own personal work, they have feelings about how things should look. The customer that I worked with felt very strongly that her book cover design was perfect ‘as is’. It was too crowded and confusing. I could see where she wanted to go with the design, what she was trying to present. So I gave her some options on how to make it better. The customer became a little offended at my suggestions and did not want to change anything. I learned through this experience that we need to be patient with customers and try to use their ideas as best as we can. There may be times when a customer is very open to making changes, and I know there will be customers who totally refuse any ideas for revisions. This is part of the job I suspect.

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