Journal 4

A typical day for me begins at 6 am, a bit early for what I have been used to. It is the summer and warm and the sun is up so it is easier to get out of bed compared to a cold and dark December. I drive to the College and attend a Design Team class from 8:30 am until 11 am.  then drive to the WPC office, which is about 15 minutes by car. Parking is easily available because there is a big Lowes parking lot. I start my day at the WPC at 12 pm – 12:30 pm. In the first week of my internship, I mainly organized files and mailing correspondence to clients. I had to find the client information and print mailing labels. This is one of the first new skills that I learned, how to print mailing labels, and how to use the printers of the center to accomplish this. The printers are big industrial sized machines, and I feel they are good to learn to use, because someday I may work for a design firm that prints in bulk and operates these large machines. They are noisy machines, and emit an odor of old ink, and can get hot when they are working constantly. This is one reason that the printers are located at the back of the office where there are some big windows. Usually, I finish at about 6 pm, and the office remains open until 8-9pm. From there, I return home and do some work at home as well, like finishing projects on my computer.

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