Journal 2

My role in the company is to create the design for certain client’s projects, and organized the files. My supervisor is Ms. Lisa Dianell, she is the full-time volunteer at WPC, and one of the managing directors. I got this internship from the suggestion of Prof. Nicolaou. I called into the WPC office and asked if they need an intern. Lisa asked me to come in on Saturday, June 10; I had an in-person interview with my supervisor for about one hour long. We discussed my previous experience and looked at my portfolio. At the beginning, she explained to me about the company and what they do, their goals and objectives. I arrived early in the morning of June 10 and didn’t wait long to begin the interview. Ms. Dianell asked me about my skills, both language, and technical skills. She then asked me about my strengths, which programs I felt better working with. We also discussed my own goals for the future, for example, where I will see myself in the future, so we can better design my internship experience to fit the needs of the WPC center, and my own goals. Overall, I felt very good after the interview, and on the same day, I was accepted for the position. Ms. Dianell asked me to stay that day as my first day of internship.

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