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In the article “On rap and white noise” the lyrics of Jace Clayton’s song shows how no matter what status a black man can be in life, everyone would just look at them as someone below them only the fact of the color of a skin.   In the link provided above, it relates to the lyrics because  it shows the struggle what every black American has to go through.


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Reading from the text “The Evolution of Internet Addiction”, the text really reminds me when I heard the song “Instagram” by Dean. On how most people are always trying to make their lives as great as it can be in a fairy tale, or like a show where it shows a perspective term where a happy couple can having such a happy life together. But being too addictive on the media can be a curse at the same time due constantly worrying about how others would react and constantly trying to impress people that you would know.

  1. Never give up

Never go back on to your word

Never leave anyone behind

Never let darkness be the only one in you 

Never feel alone


2. This list can be connected to my essay because in my essay it’s mostly inspired from Naruto. Most of the life lessons I learned are from Naruto and can be inspirational to other people who are feeling alone or might be depressed. But the list did give me some thoughts to include the lists in the essay.


Police Brutality

Gun Violence 


Social Media 


4. In the text it states,”…began with the Great Introversion Declaration of the summer of 2013, after Buzzfeed’s ‘31 Unmistakable signs You’re an Introvert’ went viral, triggering a flurry of copycat content. With this, I believe I can understand the saying of ““Every good text is a list, but not every list is a good text.” One came from another like if it’s some whispering game where we would have to guess what was originated but ended up something completely different and stories can be changed and misunderstood.   


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While reading “My Instagram” it just reminded me so much of this one song “Instagram” by DEAN. He talks about in this song on how many people around the world including himself how there is so many fake smiles on the media or Instagram and throughout nights he would stay up at night scrolling through Instagram feeling sad and empty as he liking other peoples so called happy lives they portrayed. “I’m sinking inside a square ocean”, this can be referred as our phones and how we are too deep onto our phones or attached an obsessed with how people would want to look at us.