Media Share 3 Eufemio Guerrero

While reading “My Instagram” it just reminded me so much of this one song “Instagram” by DEAN. He talks about in this song on how many people around the world including himself how there is so many fake smiles on the media or Instagram and throughout nights he would stay up at night scrolling through Instagram feeling sad and empty as he liking other peoples so called happy lives they portrayed. “I’m sinking inside a square ocean”, this can be referred as our phones and how we are too deep onto our phones or attached an obsessed with how people would want to look at us.

2 thoughts on “Media Share 3 Eufemio Guerrero”

  1. I liked how you related this song to the reading because it shows the reality of social media. Everyone only posts the good times of their life but it’s obvious that no one would actually post a low point in their life so it makes sense as to why social media is the way that it is. People invest so much time into social media which starts to lower their self esteem once they see how “happy” other peoples lives are. The reason I quoted happy is because people hide behind their phones and aren’t actually as happy as they seem. Do you think you would agree or have anything to add on?

  2. I have personally never heard the song that you referred to, but I do agree with the fact that many people try to portray themselves as “the perfect family” on instagram or on social media, but in reality they are not perfect. It makes people who is viewing the post to want what they have even though that’s not how it really is in reality. It also make people feel worst about the situation they are in.

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