Dom Padon Media Share 7

After reading K-Hole’s “Youth Mode”, I realized that the style of thinking represented in the article is very confusing, and requires a bunch of bullshit to be present in order to fully adapt to that style of thinking. With ideas and attention-grabbers such as “The assertion of individuality is a rite of passage, but generational branding strips youth of this agency. Belonging
to your generation becomes an inescapable truth — you’re a
Scorpio whether you believe in astrology or not” and “In the same way that a video goes viral, so does potentially anything. The likelihood that you and Michelle Obama wish upon the same star is greater than ever”, I think, who gives a fuck? What kind of idiocy really allows someone to believe in shit like astrology, or care whether you and Michelle Obama wish upon the same star or not? All these ideas and forms of thinking are full of bringing consequence to the inconsequential, and it fills me with distaste for human behavior that actively pursues this ideology. I think many of the people in the world are so enamored by the appeal of clout, recognition and notoriety that they become fucked up versions of their base humanity: they all do stupid or irrational shit for the chance at views, shares, and a sense of accomplishment when in perspective, our window of existence is so small that one would rationally aspire not to be a fool while they exist. It’s this ideology of “I wanna be accepted by other people” that really makes me hate interacting with people that are constantly seeking other’s validation and acceptance because I believe that the only acceptance you need to have is from yourself. No bullshit from others, no pressure to conform, but solely your happiness is what should be kept in mind.

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