Mehreen Khanom Media Share 6

This picture represents the three texts we read because it shows how people are addicted to their phones (internet) these days. Everything is based on technology and the internet now that people forgot they actually have a life outside of the internet. For example gaming, Netflix, texts, video calls erased the reality we live in today. This topic is so serious to the point gaming has actually taken innocent gamers’ life. Sad to say that I am actually the girl in the picture because I am always on my phone, it’s either the phone or TV. Even when I go outside, instead of enjoying the moment I go on snap chat and start snapping everything. It’s almost like instead of viewing the world from my own eyes I view it through the camera. “What started out as web surfing for one teen descended into online obsession and isolation.”


One social issue I would like to talk about in my essay 2 is racism. It’s 2020 and people still face racism to this day. A song that is connected to this issue is “Everybody” by Logic. The song is about Logic facing racism because he is black but his skin color is while. In the song, he talks about how black people hate on him because of his skin color.

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