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In the story “My Instagram”, by Tortorici I kind of got lost reading the text but in what I got from the reading is that the narrator is basically obsessed or addicted to social media. The narrator talks about how everything they tried to stay off social media, they some how found their self back on the app. For example the narrator tired telling he’s friend to change the password on twitter but still found an excuse to go back on it, which was the needing to know the news more quickly. He was so obsessed that he made up rules to the social media app, instagram.Which us to only follow people that he knows, but eventually ends up breaking that rule. Before reading this passage I never thought of myself as addicted to social media,  but after reading it I realized that I literally do the such as, stay hours on instagram scrolling over and over, and trying to stay on top of the new trends. I feel as if everyone goes there this type of experience where the find an app that they are just hooked to. Literally every chance I get I am on snap chat or instagram. It just crazy how an app can take your whole focus, and block out your surroundings.

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  1. I’m also one of those people who are consistently on Instagram and Snapchat. I never knew how bad it was until quarantine started, I would literally be on Instagram for hours on end just scrolling and liking pictures of these extremely photoshopped and unrealistic influencers. It’s crazy because when I’m using this app I just forget about my surroundings so I totally agree with what you’re saying. I know this habit is really toxic and bad for my mental health but there isn’t any app like Instagram that’s fun so it’s hard to find any replacement.

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