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In the reading “The Pink” by Andrea Long Chu , the author seems to be talking about the importance of feminism, politics, and transition from masculine to feminine. The author mentions how feminism is alway over looked by many people and nervier really appreciated, especially in politics. women are always overlooked in important roles in politics, in Chu’s reading it states ” feminism never succeeded in securing women as a collective subject of history”. In the text the narrator also mentions how even trying to be as feminine as possible they “didn’t feel any more like a women”. This text reminded me of an image , because it shows that no matter what anybody else think the most important thing is being comfortable in your own skin even if you are a female, or transgender. It also shows that in the feminism world no one opinion truly matters expect you own.

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  1. Kamille,
    Thanks for this share. What do you think Chu means by the quote that you chose? Also, can you say more about the artwork you shared? Describe it in words a bit more? Talk a bit more about how it shoes that “no matter what anybody else thinks the most important thing is being comfortable in your own skin”?
    Also, the composition of that artwork reminds me in certain ways of an old painting by Edouard Manet that became quite famous in the art world for its representation of prostitution and racial dynamics. Check it out and see whether you see some of the resemblance.

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