Aldo media share 2 (Monroe’s edit: this is Media Share 1, i believe)

This song makes me think and wonder all the historical events we have been going through because it describes the pandemic perfectly and  it’s interesting seeing historical events while they’re happening and recognizing them as such. I’m only in my 19 but I’ve lived through a few major world events already –  the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, multiple devastating hurricanes (Katrina in 2005), the economic recession of 2008, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, civil wars in many countries around the world, the rise of global terrorism, the tsunami and nuclear accident in Japan in 2011, and the Covid-19 pandemic, just to name a few. With all the craziness around us it is my hope that we will try harder to love, to live, and to light other people’s lives with our good spirits and helping hands. The alternative is certainly possible, and terrifying.

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  1. Aldo, hey–thank you for the link to this song; so often, country music—and especially this track—makes me want to cry.

    Thank you for reminding us of the various catastrophes the world has undergone in the last two decades; we might add September 11, 2001 to that list (hard to believe, for me, but the Twin Towers attack must have happened right around the time you were born). Of course, each of us probably feels closer to some of these events than others—with the possible exception of the pandemic given how dramatically it has affected each of our daily lives—but I was wondering which of these events you feel has affected you most? Perhaps there is more than one…

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