Lubna Mojumder Media Shares

 I want to use the song “Silence” By Marshmello Ft. Khalid. From what I realized this tune was exceptionally famous for a month or so as most melodies that come out from understanding craftsmen don’t in every case keep going long. I pick a tune explicitly on the grounds that I’m an individual who cherishes continually tuning in however yet the music separates me from everybody along these lines turning out to be (as the melody states) one with the quiet. The incongruity in the melody likewise interests me for saying “in one with the quietness” while in a tune utilized for the sole reason for the quietness. In any case, at that point the idea entered my thoughts that quiet may not exclusively be the nonattendance of sound yet in addition the condition of just being distant from everyone else. There’s a truism of being separated from everyone else in a jam-packed room and in a similar sense somebody can grasp quietness set up loaded up with clamor which leaves space for opposing the significance of the words.


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