Work Due Tue 9/1

  1. Draft your Essay 1 in a Google Doc saved to your ENG1101 folder (see assignment prompt in “Student Work à Essays” menu) and share a link to it in a post ( < instructions for posting). Remember to select the category “Essay 1 Feedback” before posting.
  2. Read Andrea Chu’s “The Pink” (#3 in “Readings” à link in menubar above).
  3. When you’re done reading Chu’s text, post your second “Media Share” (your first was your “Self-Intro Media” this past week) containing a piece of online media (a post, a tweet, a video, a photo, etc.) that Chu’s text made you think of. In addition to your media and/or link, please also include a few sentences describing it and your view of how it connects to Chu’s text.

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