Hello Class!

Please submit your Project 2 Final Submissions for grading and print.

If you ALREADY submitted part of your work last week, YOU MUST STILL UPLOAD IT HERE TO BE GRADED!

Please keep in mind that the DROPBOX LOCKS Tuesday March 27th at 11am!


You are required to submit:

  • 11 x 17 Black and White Poster Design, pencil sketch, Ready to Print.
  • at least 3 Value Studies (Can be traditionally shaded pencil sketch or a digitally shaded sketch.)











Overall Assignment:

You’ve been contacted to produce a poster for a special event for a dream client!¬† Choose a favorite band, show, or cause and represent the feeling of it through skillful design and composition.

Text should be minimal and complementary to the Illustration, which should be the focus of the project.

Create sample copy and at least six thumbnail designs for a poster advertising an event of your choice.

  • Choose something you truly care about.
  • The event can be a real or made-up.
  • The copy can be real or made up.
  • The subject is totally up to you.

The copy needs to include any key information… for example:

Who is it featuring?

What is the event?

Where is the event?

When is it?


Your illustration should be the WHY!


Final art needs to be black-and-white and 9″ x 12″.

Note: If you have the opportunity to use this assignment to make a poster for a real event, school play, friend’s band, and so on, it’s recommended that you go for that!

DUE 2/27

Post on Openlab in PROJECT 2 the idea for your project and why you chose it, the copy for your event, and your inspiration. You may begin to assemble a library of reference for the project as well and you can feel free to share it.


Be sure to COMMENT on at least 2 of your classmates’ ideas!