Wang. AnQi-Book Proposal for Final Project

My book concept is based on the story of Swan Lake, a ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875–76. My target audience is the children in between 5-6 years old. The original story is: Prince Siegfried who was told by his mother to choose a bride at the royal ball in the following evening. He is upset that he can’t marry the bride he loves. He then goes on a hunt in the forest with his friend. In the forest, Siegfried meets a princess Odette who is cursed by a spell of Rothbart, an evil sorcerer. She is a swan during the day and she would turn into a girl at night. When a man really falls in love with her, the spell would be broke and she can be saved from the spell. They obsess by each other and soon fall in love. Siegfried then invites Odette to the royal ball so that he can announce his bride is Odette and save her from the spell. However, Rothbart comes to hinder this happiness. He brings his daughter Odile who transforms to exactly look like Odette to the ball. Siegfried thought that is Odette. When Odette appears and realizes the trap that Rothbart set to Siegfried, she is trying to warm Siegfried. But it is still too late, Siegfried doesn’t see her and proclaims that he is going to marry Odile. Rothbart sees the success of his trap, he releases the magic to show that Odile is not Odette. Siegfried then realizes and go back to the forest. Since the spell cannot be broke, Odette remains as a swan forever. She cannot bear with it, so she chooses to die. Siegfried is too guilty, he chooses to die with her. This breaks the spell and also kill Rothbart.
I am going to use the character Odette and Odile. I will change the human form to the cat. I am going to show the scene in which Odile attend the royal ball with the black outfit in the royal garden. She looks similar to Odette and dances with Prince Siegfried. Odette is locked outside of the garden. She sees Odile is dancing with Siegfried. Her face is marked with grief. Odile is satisfied by seeing her suffering and appears evil smile on her face.

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