Idea for Final Project

For the narrative illustration, I decided to choose the story of Little Red Riding Hood as my basis. For those who don’t know, the story is about a little girl, dressed in a red cloak who takes a trip to her grandmother’s house in the woods to deliver her food.  When Little Red arrives at her grandmother’s house, she takes notice to how her grandmother doesn’t look human. Come to find out it is a wolf, and the wolf proceeds to eat her. I decided to take the scene where she gets eaten by a wolf as my focal point. I want to make it so that she is eaten by an alien instead of a wolf. The genre of this illustration is horror. Also, the setting would take place on an alien planet

1 thought on “Idea for Final Project

  1. Sharif- this is a good start but you should develop it further. What GENRE of story is this? Who is it intended for? For example… is it HORROR? Or SCIFI? Is it still a fairy tale? Is it still meant for children?

    And why is the wolf an alien? Does this take place on an alien world or earth? Do the other characters also change in some way?

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