Idea for Final Project

For the narrative illustration, I decided to choose the story of Little Red Riding Hood as my basis. For those who don’t know, the story is about a little girl, dressed in a red cloak who takes a trip to her grandmother’s house in the woods to deliver her food.  When Little Red arrives at her grandmother’s house, she takes notice to how her grandmother doesn’t look human. Come to find out it is a wolf, and the wolf proceeds to eat her. I decided to take the scene where she gets eaten by a wolf as my focal point. I want to make it so that she is eaten by an alien instead of a wolf. The genre of this illustration is horror. Also, the setting would take place on an alien planet

Daniel Stolle Illustration- Sharif Tyler

Daniel Stolle is a German illustrator who is known for his black and white illustration style. This illustration obviously represents technological addiction. IT shows a black silhouette of a person looking down at a tablet. Almost as though this silhouette is praying to it. I chose this image in particular because I liked ho Daniel Stolle was able to easily convey his message without any words at all. I also like how he used black and white instead of color like most illustrators do.

Sharif Tyler Project 3 Editorial Illustration

For the third project I decided to choose police brutality as my basis. Police brutality is described as excessive force used by police for lawful purposes. Often times, police brutality leads to death or serious injuries. The victims of police brutality most of the time are black people. Some of the most well known victims of police brutality are Sandra Bland, Rodney King, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and Oscar Grant who was the inspiration behind the movie Fruitvale Station. 9 times out of 10 when black people are the victims of police brutality, they’re innocent and minding their own business. Just recently in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, a black man named Saheed Vassell was shot and killed by police after police supposedly mistook an object in his hand has a gun. Come to find out it wasn’t a gun. Saheed Vassell was known to be mentally ill, but police still shot him instead of trying to de escalate the situation. A lot of times when police murder black people, they often get away with it. As a black man living in America, I always fear that me or someone that I care about might be assaulted or murdered by police. Almost everyday I fear that my life might be cut short just because of the color of my skin.