Project 3 – Editorial Illustration (Research)


For my project 3 idea, I decided to go with the epidemics concerning with Juuling.

Juul is a compact, USB-shaped vaping device, created by two former Stanford University students to mimic the nicotine hit of a real cigarette. The use of Juuling has eclipsed the cigarette use. According to Mr. McDermott, “Nobody smokes cigarettes. You go to the bathroom, there’s a zero percent chance that anyone’s smoking a cigarette and there’s a 50-50 chance that there’s five guys Juuling. And it’s like, how Band-Aid has become synonymous with ‘bandage’? Juul has become synonymous with ‘vape.” Juuling has become more popular in use for college/university students and since most parents confuse the small vaping device for a usb/flashdrive, it doesn’t look suspicious.

Juuls is becoming more rampant and not just within schools, but in social media and parties too, which has also led to cases of theft. The other issue is how accessible they are, middle school students can go to a deli and buy it without question. According to Ashley Gould, the chef administrative officer of Juul Labs, said “We do not want underage kids using our products. Our marketing is directed toward adults, tested with adults. And I do think it’s worth noting: All of the things you see on social media, we have absolutely nothing to do with. We actively try to take these things down. But unless there’s an infringement of our intellectual property it’s quite difficult.”

Reading On Value – FMAB

This manga illustration is from FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood (Chpt. 1, Pg. 52) is a good example of value structure and tonal organization. Even though you see a lot of scattered grey in the background, it feels like it’s not too much because of how it flushes out. But it brings a sense of intensity to the character. The character has a good balance of white, grey and black that differentiates from his skin tone, clothing and metal arm.

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