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This is a transition screen in the game Persona 5 done by Shigenori Soejima. This illustration is a simple depiction of Tokyo at night. Everything in the foreground is dark gray, everything in the mid ground is white-gray. As it pulls away from the midground the tone shifts darker until it hits the sky which is sort of black. I thought this was an interesting work because immediately my eyes go to the mid ground because it’s lighter than the foreground but the lights on the buildings bring my eyes towards the background. Overall it has a way of making you look at the whole piece rather than just the lightest area.

Sketchbook – Week 2

I would like to use my sketchbook as a way of attempting new things in terms of form, style, and much more. I have interest in Asian art styles and I would like to explore that this semester. Generally I like drawing portraits and sometimes landscapes, I feel like since I mostly draw female characters that might be a central focus of my work.








Week 2 – Beer Design

Many of the current designs are somewhat plain, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but according to the article there are so many beers competing for attention. I believe my label design would bring new perspective to the brand in terms of strange and surreal. The intention of my label is to use surreal elements combined with more grounded ideas and to have them juxtapose.

I really like this illustration because there’s a bit of humor and it is something supernatural. Things that appear abnormal quickly draws my attention and I think this is something I would consider buying if I were looking for beer.



This design for Brooklyn Brewery’s Defender is quite eye-catching. It’s not very often that you would see comic book style drawings on a beer label and it definitely stands out against other types of illustrations such as the one above. It is still a bit plain and the guy’s face is blocked by brand which would lead me to think it would be better to feature the brand on his chest like many superhero characters.