Project 4 idea

The story I will be focusing on will be Cinderella. For my concept I will change the setting into a film noir time period (1944-1954). The premise would involve a prince hiring a detective to find the owner of a shoe. Cinderella will become a femme fatale, a character that often appears in this type of film.

One scene I will focus on will be an office scene at night with the prince and detective. This scene is crucial to the setting up the story. The next scene I will focus on will be the tragic death of Cinderella with the prince holding her in his arms. I may do a third scene to better establish the flow of the story.

Week 11 Discussion

This illustration by Paul Blow looks relevant based on my topic. In his works he tends to use a candy color palette and in this illustration the colors have a very strong contrast between the yellow and the magenta. In this piece he juxtaposes the smartphone and eyes as if he were saying the smartphones have become our eyes. The earphones also lead me to think the message of this editorial is that we live vicariously through our phones.

This illustration is paired with an article about choices not being made by the user but rather the browser and smartphone and I would assume it has something to do with how easily it is for companies to collect data from all over the internet.

Phone Addiction

Smartphones have been integrated into the lives of many people since it’s introduction in 2007. Smartphones are useful tools that act as a device that can do many things that should make life more efficient. Smartphones also makes it easier to connect with people whether it would be calling, texting, and most notably social media. Smartphones create an easy faucet for social media to flow into and people who get caught up often times spends a majority of their waking hour checking for new posts. Social media companies rely on certain mechanisms that keep the user coming  back (Snapchat badges, red notifications, refresh button, etc) which are often times very effective in keeping a person on the platform. As something that was supposed to make life more efficient now becomes a problem of the 21st century.