Narrative Illustration: Background, Characters and Story

Background: The original story of Pinocchio was that he was a wooden puppet boy was that he was found by a carpenter and then later given to a man called Geppetto. Geppetto takes him in and one day finds out that he doesn’t have any legs after a placing them on a stove. He builds him new legs and runs away to frame Geppetto for mistreating him. Geppetto is then thrown in jail. Pinocchio finds a cricket who warns him about the consequences of being mischievous and foolish. Pinocchio doesn’t listen and kills the cricket with a hammer. After Geppetto is released from jail, Pinocchio tells him that he will get his life together, and Geppetto gives him gold coins. One day, a cat and a fox approach Pinocchio by telling him that if he plants his gold coins, a tree will grow with gold coins. He gets warned by the ghost of the cricket to not listen to the cat and the fox because they are lying. Pinocchio didn’t listen the first time and gets hanged by the cat and fox. He is rescued by a fairy with turquoise hair. The fairy says that the more Pinocchio gets foolish, the more his nose grows. Pinocchio said he learned his lesson but gets tricked by the cat and fox once again and gets his coins stolen.

Characters: I will use the characters Geppetto, The fairy, and Pinocchio. Geppetto is an evil environmental scientist who lives in a forrest and is using plants as a weapon. He is against the fairy who is a warrior and protector of the forrest. Pinocchio is a deformed tree monster that is on Geppetto’s side.

Story: One day, Pinocchio finds a man named Geppetto. Geppetto sees he has no arms. He tells Pinocchio that if he drinks a chemical he can grow new arms. Pinocchio thinks about it and leaves. Pinocchio then meets The Fairy Warrior who tells him about Geppetto and not to fall for his tricks. Pinocchio’s doesn’t listen to the The Fairy Warrior and goes to Geppetto so he can have arms. Unfortuantely, Pinocchio turns into deformed tree monster after drinking a chemical provided by Geppetto. The Fairy Warrior is approached by Geppetto and Pinocchio. Both sides battle it out to see who takes control of the forrest.

Illustration: week 11 discussion

An artist that i chose was, Pawel Kuczynski. Kuczynski has done a set of illustrations on how facebook has altered our lives. One illustration that caught my eye was a police officer having a duel with a cowboy with a gun and the gun is the facebook logo. It seems that the illustration shows us about how theres always opposing views on facebook. We have our own opinions but many people may not agree with our opinions. A lot of different views can lead to a passionate and heated argument. I think in this illustration the artist conveys that the policeman and the cowboy are extremely against each others views through social media.

Extra Credit: Mocca Arts festival

An artist who I saw at the mocca arts festival goes by the name of Kate lacour. Kate lacour is from New Orleans. She is a cartoonist, comic book artist, and therapist who works with autistic kids. Her work is mostly drawn figures of the human anatomy. Most of it is usually seen as horrifying or gruesome. Most of her drawings contain elements of human anatomcial horror. She says that her work is built around neurosis, which is a mental illness. She recently came out with two illustrative comics called Vivisectionary and The Disciple. Vivisectionary shows drawings of human diagrams mixed with horror and fantasy and the disciple is a series narrative drawings which also is mixed with horror and fantasy. Her references for those two books came from old biology textbooks from school. She used those books for anatomical references. Kate draws on archival ink first on watercolor paper. Then she paints with a combination of watercolor dyes and colored inks. She uses a scanner to scan her work and she uses photoshop to fix it up.

Data Privacy

For my editorial project, I decided to focus on the issue of data privacy and why It’s important. Now that we are living in the digital world, everybody’s information is being given up by services that we use, but how trustful is it? We use many apps, and social media sites and we need to abide by the consent that these companies offer to us. Sometimes we won’t read the consent of what we give up. There’s consequences when we accept these consents from these companies. whether our data is private or public, it’s all out there.