Extra Credit: Mocca Arts festival

An artist who I saw at the mocca arts festival goes by the name of Kate lacour. Kate lacour is from New Orleans. She is a cartoonist, comic book artist, and therapist who works with autistic kids. Her work is mostly drawn figures of the human anatomy. Most of it is usually seen as horrifying or gruesome. Most of her drawings contain elements of human anatomcial horror. She says that her work is built around neurosis, which is a mental illness. She recently came out with two illustrative comics called Vivisectionary and The Disciple. Vivisectionary shows drawings of human diagrams mixed with horror and fantasy and the disciple is a series narrative drawings which also is mixed with horror and fantasy. Her references for those two books came from old biology textbooks from school. She used those books for anatomical references. Kate draws on archival ink first on watercolor paper. Then she paints with a combination of watercolor dyes and colored inks. She uses a scanner to scan her work and she uses photoshop to fix it up.

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