Hyejin_References and Working Method

As Howard Lyon mentioned on his blog post, mostly my work is going to be combination of Photoshop and transitional drawing skills. In other words, on the value study stage, definitely I will use Photoshop, and on the detailed sketch stage, I will grid off my concept sketches and draw again on the 11*14 paper using the grid as a guide since I did concept sketches on 8.5*11 papers by mistake. It’s because if I just scaled them up and print them out, the result can miss a lot of little touches. Obviously my final result will be used transitional painting skills : watercolor mixed with white and black gouache or acrylic paint.


<Revision of Concept Sketch>


When I saw  Scott Brundage’s selfies for his paintings, he just add some photos of him onto his painting directly using Photoshop. So I decided to put my reference photos onto my concept sketches and add some comments for textures(fabric), brush stroke, color palette, and overall style.

<Color, Brush stroke and Materials Refs>

Material : watercolor mixed with white acryliccolor-refs_2 color-refs

Also, for my figures and backgrounds, basically not only I found bunch of images from Google, but I took a lot of selfies, and referred some tutorials.

<Figures(face expression) and background Refs> figures_refs_1 figures_refs_2

img_2046 img_0781 img_0267

Mostly I found about creases on clothing.

<Tutorial : Clothing folds(Wrinkles)>


<Tutorial : Clothing folds(Shirts)>

<Tutorial : Drawing Hoodies>

<Tutorials : Rope Drawing>