Working method

My working method is traditional, (watercolor paint, ink and color pencils ) I do work in digital but for this work ,it is better to do tradition since i feel better with it that other media . First I will draw it in pencil ,then ink the outline . After that, I use watercolor paint for the rest and last I use color pencil for the skin and color to pop out . But I also want to get better in both traditional and digital



Story Proposal

11 dancing princesses

My idea is the king have 11 princesses and one son . They are all vampire who suck the emotion of humans. Each one have their emotion they like to eat.Living in the modern world is hard since there more people and their father don’t like it when they go out because he scare human will hurt them. They put the humans in jail if they can’t find the truth. This girl name Sarah went to find the serect of the princesses because her brother was there before he disappeared .  The Prince fall for her and help her find the serect of the princess but if she fall for him he have to suck up her love since he have to feed . 20161108_112520