Vampires #9

I am thinking of writing my gothic paper on the Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter movie, which is also based on the book by Seth Smith. In which I will explain how vampires at that time represented all the opressions people faced during that time. As well as that Abraham Lincoln being the hunter represented justice and liberty for the people, even though no one gave him credit for killing the vampires because it was a secret that eas better off left unsaid. I’m not completely sure if I will only use is movie because im trying to find another piece to compare and contrast about this subject. However, my other idea is to write about how the way vampires are portrayed today is very different, for example in the movie Hotel Transalvania, where all vampires,frankenstein monster, werevolves, big foot, invisible man, mummies, zombies etc. Are all friends. They all get along but hide from humans because Dracula ad a bad experience with humans and believes humans will never accept them. Although I’m not quite sure how I could write my whole paper without rambling off topic.

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  1. Anwar says:

    I loved the movie hotel Transylvania, both your ideas seem good you just need that extra detail to convince you wish one to choose, good luck with that.

  2. Wendy, did you decide which text you will write on? I’d like to hear an update!

  3. Shashe says:

    I think your first idea sounds very good. I think you are closer to a thesis statement with the first idea because you seem to have correlated it to the oppression of certian individuals and the injustices. Depending on which text you use, I think your almost ready to go, you just need to add more details.

  4. ms.bueno says:

    Yeah I’m going to watch the movies one more time and I’ll decide then to be completely sure which one is a better choice. Thank you!

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