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Vampires #9

I am thinking of writing my gothic paper on the Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter movie, which is also based on the book by Seth Smith. In which I will explain how vampires at that time represented all the opressions people faced … Continue reading

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Question 6

In Two or Three Things I Know For Sure, Dorothy Allison writes about sexuality and violence affecting eachother. Sexuality is a way of expressing the anger the character had because of past violence experience in their lives. “Darlene put her hands … Continue reading

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Question #3

“Being a minority in both caste and class, we moved about anyway on the hem of life, struggling to consolidate our weaknesses and hang on, or to creep singly up into the major folds of the garment” (pg.17). Morrison is … Continue reading

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Question #3

In the book, this quote means that the children grow up thinking that they can’t change the ways they were raised. That all they grew up knowing; everthing they saw as “normal” or as”the way things were”, was never going … Continue reading

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Question 2

In the stories about Sally, men are described as being dominant and above a woman. The text describes the hardship Sally had to go through while she lived with her father. Sally  excused the fact that her father would beat … Continue reading

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Question 6

The concept of home in this novel is determined in different ways. One is when Sal lives with Terry and feels like he has a family and played “house” for a while. Going to new places and seing so many … Continue reading

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Question 7

The moment Sal walks through the “Denver colored section, wishing I were a Negro”, can mean that he feels that people of color have it easier than non colored people.  Sal also mentions “feeling that the best that the white … Continue reading

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Question #7 -Wendy Bueno

Jacques is trying to get David to see the importance of what happened with Giovanni; the beginning of a possible new and happy life that David can have if he only accepts it. “He is very fond of you….already. But … Continue reading

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Question 4

The theme of entrapment and flight in Giovanni’s Room, starts out with David living with his father and aunt. During which time he feels detached from his father, and convinces him to allow him to skip college and find a job. … Continue reading

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