Vampire diaries

For my essay I will be using the Tv show series, The Vampire Diaries, in which my gothic theme would be vampires. I will be talking about a side character, Klaus, who tries to command people weaker then him thinking he is a sort of king and relating this to our society where the government tries to control it’s citizens. I’m still searching about this topic so hopefully it will be better summarized in my essay.

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  1. I never saw this series but i think that you are on the right track. Also relating this to the government should be interesting.

  2. This sounds perfect! I’m looking forward to hearing your thesis.

  3. Shashe says:

    I REALLY like the dynamics of Klaus in the show, so I’m glad your using him. This topic is perfect, I think you did a good job with choosing it. I don’t see anything wrong, I think you should use his sire bond as a way to correlate it to the govermnet, because it’s his way of using individuals loyalty to him to make him do what he wants them to, especially to protect him. I think that fits perfectly with the government.

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