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MathQuill Helps Students Write Math

Students often struggle to write mathematically. This is even more difficult for students when it comes to writing math online. Students don’t always understand the difference it makes when writing 1/x+5 instead of 1/(x+5), or -5^2 instead of (-5)^2. MathQuill is a new feature in WeBWorK that should greatly improve your students’ ability to respond to problems without syntactical issues such as these getting in the way.

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Activating Achievements and Leaderboards

What does the Achievement system in WeBWorK do, exactly?

Achievements are a WeBWorK feature designed to reward students for solving homework problems in addition to other, often overlooked, positive student behaviors. For example, students might earn an achievement for solving 3 homework problems in a row without any incorrect submissions, or for solving a problem after taking long break. Earning achievements and solving problems earns students points, and as students gain points, they earn reward items and reach higher levels.

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