Week 10, Class 1

Okay, I am basically over the whole skipping thing, although I did have to kick a few butts via email. I understand that you may have to use your discretion and miss class once or twice. I just think it is so high school to pull that with a sub. I happen to have asked two amazing people to fill in for me so you could benefit from working with them. This is my beef: those of you who skipped are treating your education as if it were a right and not a privilege. This education – no matter how humble the setting – is a huge chance and if you blow it off, you are only cheating yourself. I was angry because I have a pretty good idea what each and every one of you are capable of when you care. I do not want you just toeing the line to meet the minimum requirements for the course, I want you to exceed them because you want to push yourself to your best possible manifestation. It’s all on you to take the chance you are being offered. Goodness knows, this may be the only time you have to do this.

Anyway, enough said. I seriously do not like that crap, though.


Review midterm

Type Book

  • Logotype slideshow and review
  • Illustrator expedition:
    • Outlining text
    • Cutting, manipulating
    • Bringing it all back to InDesign

Sheeeeeee’s back! It’s that slightly annoying woman we have seen before…

This is an awesome video on logo design:


  • Go over the work you have done so far
  • Setting up your document. Here is a template.
  • Walk through the scanning process
    • Processing images in Photoshop
    • Have people scan work
    • Bringing in images into InDesign, placing them


Type Book

Finish all exercises we have had so far. We are wrapping up every last one tomorrow and going over what you need to do to print it well. Be sure to have all of your digital files ready as we are going to put them all together and clean those puppies up!


You need to have your document laid out with placeholder text and images by tomorrow. We will continue scanning any physical work and getting it into your files as fast as we can.


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