Downloads from Class
 Spring 2014 Syllabus  Week One, Class One
 Relief Printing Letterforms (flipped)  Week One, Class Two
 Typographical Anatomy  Week Two, Class Two
 Carving and Printing Letter Stamps  Week Two, Class Two
 Letterform Drawing Exercise  Week Two, Class Two
 Class Typebook Template (zip file)  Week Three, Class Two
 Type Book, Exercise 1  Week Three, Class Two
 Type Book, Exercise 2  Week Four, Class Two
 Type Book: Variations  Week Five, Class One
 Type Book: Alignment  Week Five, Class Two
 Type Book: Legibility  Week Six, Class One
 Kerning File and handout  Week Six, Class One
 Type on a Pathway handout  Week Six, Class Two
 Legibility: Color Handout  Week Seven, Class One
 Type Color and Type Hierarchy Handout  Week Seven, Class Two
 Text for the Type Hierarchy Exercise  Week Seven, Class Two
 Full Grid Handout  Week Seven, Class Two
 Patterns, Quotes, and Logotypes  Week Nine, Class One


Fonts Font Squirrel  |  Lost Type Co-op
 Tutorials  |  Adobe TV
 Inspiration Dribbble

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