Week 10, Class 2


Type Book:
We are winding down on this project at last! You should be proud, you have worked so hard! I am handing out the final list of all the pages you need to have in your book. You are responsible for tracking all of those down.

Consolidate all of your documents into one big one. This will take a little while and you need to be patient until you get the hang of it.
Tutorial Video


Today, you needed to have your dummies ready. You also need to have all of your assets ready to bring into the document, either by scanner or direct import. I want people scanning! Get in there!

Paragraph & Character Styles:
Now that you are putting together bigger documents, you need to know how to format as efficiently and consistently as possible. We will work with these concepts in class today so you may start applying your established styles with greater ease.

Character Styles  |  Paragraph Styles


Type Book:

Put together your type book. Make sure to use this as an opportunity to polish it into a whole, cohesive piece. Infuse your design with wit! Make this a portfolio piece for the next couple of years! If you do get it together sooner than the deadline, send me a pdf and I will give feedback that you can take or leave as you wish.

Type Books are due to me, printed and bound by
April 25, the Friday after Spring Break.
Late submissions will drop a letter grade every day they are late.


Your zines need to be completely put together next week. We will be critiquing them and making sure they look sharp. You will be finishing them entirely Friday of next week and turning in the printer version also on April 25.

Printed versions of your zines are also due April 25.
You need only print one copy, and it may be black and white if you want.

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