Week 7, Class 1

A word of warning–I am just getting over the stomach flu. If I leave the room in mid-sentence, just be patient. I am Purell-ing every chance I can, and I will not come within 5 feet of any of you if I can help it.


International Typography Reports

We are going to use lab time to work on these as I have gotten a few of these already and I have to say that you may want to rewrite them:

  • I will not accept any text simply copied and pasted into your report. Read what you fond, then recount it in your own words. Please know I have Google and a few other tools that spot copied text within seconds, not to mention I am a fairly smart cookie. Please know you will not fool me.
  • Form an opinion, care about what you have found!

What not to do:

  • The computer and type
  • Color and Legibility
  • Typographical problems affecting legibility
  • Distorting typography

Type Book: Legibility: Color Handout

  • Create a 1 page document
  • Creating a set of background boxes which will range from 100% to 10% of a specific color.  Explore what happens to type as it is set into a variations of backgrounds.
  • Follow the directions to complete the exercise.


  • Rework your reports on your typography system per my feedback, be ready to discuss in class tomorrow.
  • Finish your classwork.

The Life of a Typographer

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