Week 6, Class 2

We need to check in on our International Typography reports, then cover some more material for the Type Book.



  • The Pen Tool
  • Bringing in Images
  • Google searches and ethics


  • Importing images
  • Image boxes, shapes, possibilities

Text Paths!

  • Text on a path and spacing: here is the Type on a Pathway handout.
  • Vertical path
  • Type on a smooth curve
  • Type on a sharp curve
  • Type on a circular path

Vertical Paths


  1. Finish Type Book Exercises, make edits to old files. No need to turn in edits unless you need feedback, just make sure you are not working on all of your exercises the last week of the semster.
  2. Finish your report on your chosen typographical system. It needs to be published on your ePortfolio, so talk to me if you still need help with that. Some details to consider:
  • How did the writing system develop?’
  • What technologies came into play in the development of the letterforms/symbols?
  • Were there political implications?
  • Who was the letterform/symbol system developer(s)?

Remember, I will send you an email asap with all you are missing according to my records. I strongly suggest you go back and finish that stuff. It all adds up to help you learn the material and make you a typographer in your own right.

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