Week Two


Software introduction

  • Introduction to Font Book┬č
  • Introduction to Font Squirrel, the only approved source of downloadable free fonts
  • Introduction to InDesign


  • Arial is a Font (Short Documentary)
  • ┬čBounding boxes and their┬áimplications
  • ┬čKerning


  • ┬č Creating a new document
  • ┬č Orientation and setup
  • ┬č Rulers and measurement
  • ┬č Controlling kerning digitally
  • ┬č Bounding and text boxes

Printing in Class!

Relief Printing

  1. Carve and print at least 2 individual letters (I will give you the letters for you to transfer onto your  blocks). Work to make your letters  as crisp and clear as possible.
  2. Print single words, concentrating on kerning. Use each otherÔÇÖs letters and feel free to print nonsense words.




Take your best print of a single word, draw in and neatly label at  least 10 parts of type anatomy. Scan it or take a good photo of it and post the results on Open Lab. Use the handout from last week as a reference.

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