Research of the Logo for Barbie, Toy Maker.


The creation of the “Barbie Doll” comes from Mattel Creations founders Ruther and Elliot Handler. The Co-Founder Ruther Handler, decided to create the Barbie Doll after seeing her daughter Barbara play with paper dolls. After several ideas and designs, on March 9th 1959 “Barbie” was born. When first released Barbie’s first logo a sans serif type face.UntitledThe first logo the Barbie Company used, lasted them almost two decades until the Barbie Doll was created with more of a hippie trademarked look. In order to fit the new design and clothing of the new Barbie Doll, the company changed its logo. Which lead to in 1975:Untitled1The company then keeping the trend of the “hippie” Barbie doll until early 80’s Barbie toymaker decided to keep its logo until the doll caught up with the new age of fun. Barbie now having not only a singing career but also joining the U.S. Army the company decided it was time for a change. The company thus, created more of a serif type for the choice of the the newer logo as the new face which was created in 1990.Untitled2

For a century, Barbie hadn’t changed its logo, but as time went on and thing’s changed, the company decided it was now time to define the logo once again. Barbie now coming on a stronger and obvious noticeable figure, running for president and traveling the world the company decided to go for a more international looking logo. In 2000 the new redefined logo was created:Untitled3

Unlike most of the Barbie logos the newest logo hadn’t stayed around long in the company. For only four years, the logo created in 2000 had changed once again. Barbie growing in popular around the world things changed and so had their logo. The newest addition was created in 2004 and included Barbie’s well known flower.

Untitled4This new addition the Barbie family only lasted a year. Barbie wanting to become “Less feminine” with its ideas Barbie gets a boyfriend. Ken is now introduced to the Barbie family in 2004 which causes them to change their logo.

Untitled6 Keeping the type, the company decided to get rid of its flower logo. Since it has changed in 2005, the logo has not progressed or changed since there have not been any new major additions to the company since the logo change. The logo seems to only change when the company makes a new major step onto it.




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