Culmination Entry #3

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Dear Journal,

What a week that turned out to be. I am making good progress so far and I got great feedback from my cousin who heard about my project. He says that he loves it and he has great potential. He did say that I do need to adjust my parameters and skills which was exactly what I thought all this time. Also, I now implemented the first half of the tower level and I have chosen the Fallen from Destiny to guard the first artifact. I am stuck in choosing who will be the leader of the group. Sepiks Prime? Skolas? Hmmm…..decisions, decisions. I guess when I’m almost finished, it will come to me eventually.

There is the possibility that instead of the player gathering one artifact, they can gather parts of it from groups of the same idea. It depends if I have the time to make that happen or not. I do love the fact that I have so much to choose from so it makes work progress so much flawlessly. Not only that, I have completed the guide up to where my progress currently stops. Every game needs a manual so I can’t just make my game and expect the players to go in blind.

Worlds 2 and 3 are already planned out. I might include Uruks from Middle-earth, the Covenant from Halo, zombies and monsters from Resident Evil,…..holy canoly, all of a sudden. Now I have many more ideas now. However, I must take it one step at a time as I must complete and test out my progress to make sure it plays as intended.

Well, that’s all for now. Whew, now the real fun begins. I’ll write you again soon.


Your friend,

Virgilio Samo III

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