Culmination Entry #7

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Dear Journal,

This upcoming Friday is the last lecture of the semester. I have never been more ready to show my game off than anything. Speaking of my game, I have officially decided to turn it into a nice demo which will keep my players happy for a few hours at best. I know that the predicament I set myself before me will be one of my biggest challenges yet but today, it is time for action and I will summon all the energy I can muster to do it. My poster is complete and epic, all the paperwork is complete, my game is fun and easy to play, what more can I want? Anyway, it looks like the semester is halfway done and there are midterms that I need to study and pass before I can continue my culmination project.

As for what I will add for my world 2, I have also finally selected the theme for this one. Even to this day, I still would watch old cartoons plus some newer ones from my kid days. There was one show that captured my attention and it was one of the only shows that combined 2D and 3D worlds together. That was Code Lyoko. When I got the game version, I had loads of fun with it and the company, Moonscoop, tried to make an RPG of it but was scrapped. It will be my honor to revive it in my game so that players can enjoy a new experience when they couldn’t before.

World 2 will take place in Lyoko which is divided into many sectors I can choose from. I can’t wait to get started on it and let’s just say that I now feel more motivated than ever. With that, I must take my leave. I’ll write you again when I made more progress.


Your friend,

Virgilio Samo III

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