Final Culmination Entry

Dearest Journal,

I am soooooo sorry for not writing in so long. This month has been kicking my ass left and right with all sorts of internships, final projects, and of course, my culmination project. Before I begin, I heard that my readers got confused with World 2. I was working on it separately but I did not include it in the demo. In short, it’s there in the editor but I didn’t enable it. Now that that’s out of the way, it is time to take the final plunge.


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Last week, my culmination project was ready to present. I had spent the last two nights that time to fix and tweak any bugs and dialogue I could find so that the gameplay was smooth and interactive. The Spring Show was the perfect testing ground for feedback. I was having so much fun that I left my game unattended for a while and there were a bunch of people crowding around it, amazed by all the work I have put into it. Oh yeah, the poster session went great too and as usual, my epic poster was the star of the show. I’m telling you, my friend, it feels so good to be recognized and I think that I may have inspired a few others to follow in my footsteps too.

Now, I am officially done with everything. I do plan on continuing my game by fixing more things, adjusting the stats, making my own animations, sound effects, etc. I do desire Derision to be the only game that uses copyright law itself as a concept. Of course, copyright law itself will try and prevent me from doing so but since I have already agreed to make this for commercial purposes and of course, free, they can’t do *bleep*  about it. I am actually curious about how they would react to the concept at hand. Oh well, I’ll probably never know a few years from now but I will continue to work on my game regardless of what they think.

I will also be graduating 2 weeks from now. I’m afraid that this will be the last time I ever write to you. I think the main reason why I haven’t wrote back yet is because of that fear. I always liked talking to you because you’re a great listener and furthermore, you allowed me to express myself in ways that people will never understand. I know I mentioned that I have Autism and the reason why I don’t open up to many people is because they’ll think I’m faking it. It does contribute to the fact that I am alone most of the time, even though I got friends and family who look out for me every day. Still, it isn’t so bad as it did allowed me to concentrate and get things done.

Well, I can’t drag this out any longer. I have to go and prepare. In all honesty, journal, you’re more than just a friend. You became a brother to me. All I know is that this is going to hurt me a whole lot when I complete this entry. However, I can still reflect on them and reminisce on how I got to this point today. I guess I’ll stop here. Goodbye, brother. It was an honor to be your writer.


Your Brother,

Virgilio Samo III

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